Arab Nation Music Awards: All You Need To Know

By Red Bull Lebanon

Ever hoped for there to be a Middle East awards ceremony that represented the regional talent? An event that covered everything from North Africa to the Levant and the Gulf? A platform where pop stars and local indie bands are celebrated and given their moment to shine?

Ladies and gents the wait is over, Lebanon is hosting the first Arab Nation Music Awards in April!






The Arab Nation Music Awards is the first music award in the Middle East and Levant region to be compiled from streaming services and real data.

The awards will be held each year in a different country in the Middle East.


The Arab Nation Music awards is a televised show consisting of award distribution, live performances and homage to the greats & legends in the Arab music industry.





The categories that will presented during the ceremony are:

Best Independent Song (click to vote here)
Upcoming Female Artist Of The Year
Upcoming Male Artist Of The Year
Host Country: Best Male Singer
Host Country: Best Female Singer
Best Arabic Male Singer
Best Arabic Female Singer
Best Youtube Video Of The Year
Best Clip 
Song Of The Year
Lifetime Achievement Award
Honorary Remembrance Award 
Best Song For A Movie Or Series
Best Songwriter
Best Composer
Best Arranger
Best Concert 
Social Star Award 
Best Album
Anghami Award 
Best Cover Song  
Best Egyptian Song
Best Khaliji Song
Best Song From The Maghreb
Best Song From The Levant





YOUR VOTE MATTERS – You can log in here and vote for your favorite artist in select categories before voting closes on April 11.

Stay tuned for more info and announcements!

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