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Here are the nominees: Daffy & Flipp for (EE LAA)
Daffy & Flipp during a previous concert
Daffy & Flipp during a previous concert © Malja Bahrain
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From tribal poets to Rahbani brothers, Fairouz and Om Kolthoum, Farid Al Atrash and Warda to The Voice and Arabs Got Talent, one cannot argue that our region has always been and still rich with extraordinary musical talents. While some were celebrated back in the days, we do lack the platforms where the stars of today are renowned. At last, long-awaited dream has come true and Lebanon will be hosting the first Arab Nation Music Awards in April!

The Arab Nation Music Awards is the first music award in the Middle East and Levant region to be compiled from streaming services and real data. Daffy (Kuwaiti) Flipperachi (Bahraini) are the only candidates from the Gulf region and are nominated for their song (Ee La), the single racked up more than 13 million YouTube views and topped the iTunes MENA charts.

A panel of three regionally respected judges from the Indie scene – Zeid Hamdan, Adam Grundey and Cherifa Jaibli – have sifted through a vast number of talents from around the region to select a final list of five nominees for your consideration (and votes). Although the criteria for who wins is not based solely on who get the most votes, it does account for one third of the criteria. So take a few minutes to get to vote for Daffy and Flipp!


Nawaf Fahed, better known as Daffy, is a Kuwaiti singer, songwriter, and producer. Growing up surrounded by music, he started out singing at the age of 9 and began writing songs at 15. Upon joining the group known as “Army of One” in 2004, Daffy and the group released several singles, albums, and music videos over the years and built a fan base across the region as one of the pioneering hip hop/R&B groups. In early 2014, Daffy became a member of Outlaw Productions, taking his career to the next level. Daffy’s sound fuses hip-hop, R&B, soul, jazz, reggae, and a bit of Arabic/Middle Eastern, blending different cultures in a unique sound. Currently planning new projects, Daffy has a lot in store and continues to work towards taking his music to new heights.
The young rising star Hussam Aseem (aka “Flipp” or “Flipperachi”) is recognized as being one of the few passionate and devoted Arab rappers in Bahrain and the Middle East as a whole. Although his culture divides between those of Bahrain and Morocco, Flipp knew that this was an advantage for him, in order to fuse with the western community and allow the Arab world to cross the waters that had always seemed too deep to swim across. Having passion, energy, goals and remarkable talent, it was not long until Flipp met the already well-known Dj/Producer “Dj Outlaw. In 2008, Flipp joined Outlaw Productions – the leading Hip Hop organization in Bahrain. That resulted in him being part of Dj Outlaw’s “History In The Making” studio album featuring local artists, as well as internationally known stars of the music world.

The categories that will presented during the ceremony are:

Best Independent Song (click to vote here)

Upcoming Female Artist Of The Year
Upcoming Male Artist Of The Year
Host Country: Best Male Singer
Host Country: Best Female Singer
Best Arabic Male Singer
Best Arabic Female Singer
Best Youtube Video Of The Year
Best Clip
Song Of The Year
Lifetime Achievement Award
Honorary Remembrance Award
Best Song For A Movie Or Series
Best Songwriter
Best Composer
Best Arranger
Best Concert
Social Star Award
Best Album
Anghami Award
Best Cover Song
Best Egyptian Song
Best Khaliji Song
Best Song From The Maghreb
Best Song From The Levant


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