Best Indie Song goes to… elMorabba3

elMorabba3 ANMA
elMorabba3 ANMA © elMorabba3
By Red Bull Lebanon

The night of April 23rd witnessed the first ever Arab Nation Music Award -ANMA- at the Casino du Liban where pop stars and local indie bands from North Africa to the Levant and the Gulf were given their moment to shine.

The massive gala has covered many categories and in collaboration with Red Bull, it has given space to celebrate and for the first time ever the independent music in the region.

“and the award for the best indie song goes to… elMorabba3!”

Based on the quality of production, originality and reach, elMorabba3 was shortlisted along with 4 other bands: Daffy & Flipperachi from Kuwait & Bahrain, Ghoula from Tunisia, Imarhan from Algeria and Tamer Abu Ghazaleh from Palestine.

A panel of three regionally respected judges from the Indie scene – Zeid Hamdan, Adam Grundey and Cherifa Jaibi – have shifted through a vast number of talents from around the region to select a final list of five nominees.

“It is great that the Indie scene is being recognized on a regional level and we are very proud to be here in Lebanon receiving this award. We want to thank every person who believed in us and helped us get here.” – commented Abdullah Muhammad, vocalist of elMorabba3

elMorabba3 Best Indie Song
elMorabba3 Best Indie Song © elMorabba3

ANMA’s results were compiled from streaming services, real data and statistics, based on the number of streams of the songs in 10 leading radio stations in the Arab world along with the number of songs downloads on the leading music application in the Middle East: Anghami.

About El Morabba3:

In 2009, Jordanian Palestinian band El Morabba3, (The Square in Arabic) came together to offer a groundbreaking sound with their unique music and socially engaged lyrics. The band is composed of Muhammad Abdullah (Vocals, Songwriting & Bass), Odai Shawagfeh (Electric Guitar, Keys/Synth & Production) and Dirar Shawagfeh (Drums & Percussions).

Their fresh rock/post-rock electronic sound, described as euphoric, holistic, spacey and raucous quickly catapulted the band to massive success. Their artistic journey saw them become one of the leading socially and politically relevant bands reviving the Arab Independent music scene.

The band broke cultural barriers and appealed to a generation of hunger-stricken fans living in an unstable and restless region, as they craved a new sound; one that expressed the thoughts, concerns and anger of the people towards the realities they are living today.

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