Dance to the Beat with DJ Vassili Tsilichristos

By Red Bull Qatar

 DJ Vassili Tsilichristos took the crowd by storm on April 27th, 2017 at Illusion Doha, Marsa Malaz Kempinski The Pearl, Qatar. Vassili hyped up the night as music lovers danced to the beats of unmatched house music in a party that was not to be missed.

Known not to disappoint the crowd, Vassili Tsilichristos is recognized for his remarkable music talent and unique style, offering a wide-ranging mix of house music. His passion for music and extensive experience as a DJ are the main reasons behind his success and worldwide recognition.

DJ Vassili Tsilichristos on the decks
DJ Vassili Tsilichristos on the decks © Johnny Panopoulos

 Travelling the world and playing at the most prestigious clubs and events, Vassili’s global tour MADE IN MYKONOS was totally sold out at the world most premiered venues and cities such as Mykonos, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, London, St. Tropez, Beirut, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cape Town, Istanbul, Bodrum Cesme, Cairo, Alexandria and more.

 Vassili’s name is associated with icons in the music industry, having played alongside the biggest DJs worldwide such as Hardwell, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Solomun, Paul Van Dyk and several more.

Being the man behind introducing house music into the scene in Athens, his state of the art club Amfitheatro, was named the “Best Club Worldwide” in 1995 by DJ Mag.

DJ Vassili Tsilichristos hypes up the crowd
DJ Vassili Tsilichristos hypes up the crowd © Johnny Panopoulos

 Let’s take a closer look into Vassili’s world as we caught him on a quick chat in Doha:

1. What brought you to Qatar?

It’s always a pleasure to spread the Mykonos vibes worldwide. We have been doing mega “MADE IN MYKONOS” events in cities all around the world such as New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Dubai, and Beirut. Be it our first in Doha, we are excited to bring the MADE IN MYKONOS vibes and atmosphere into this city.

2. You’ve played with some of the biggest DJs worldwide such as Hardwell, Tiesto, Armin Van Buren, and Guetta. How would you describe the experience and how does it impact you?

All these DJs that we have been playing with are big entertainers, they are the DJs who set the new trends in this genre of the global music scene. MADE IN MYKONOS is definitely following this trend as we aim to play for the crowds, serving our first purpose which is to entertain the audience. We play House Music, a beat the audience can dance to, to keep them happy and entertained.

3. Does following the trend in the music scene affect the fans database you have?

The reason MADE IN MYKONOS has been present for the past 15 years and still going bigger is the fact that we play for the people and we follow the new rhythm of the music. All of our music is a mix of vocals and beat, and this what people would love to listen to.

4. Which is your favorite host city within your global tour MADE IN MYKONOS?

New York is a very popular destination as we get to play for an extremely diversified audience. The city gathers music lovers from all around the globe which creates the perfect crowd mix for an awesome party.

DJ Vassili beats light up the party night
DJ Vassili beats light up the party night © Johnny Panopoulos

5. As a DJ and a producer, how did your passion start?

The story of how I started to DJ is actually funny, it all started by coincidence. I owned a number of clubs in Athens, and after a last minute cancellation from one of our resident DJs one night, we had to find someone to fill the spot. And guess what? That someone ended up to be myself! Up on the decks that night, I felt the instant hype and interaction from the crowd as they were dancing, although I didn’t know how to DJ! This excited me to play again and gave the incentive to follow and explore the music trends and rhythms around the world and enhance my DJ skills. Times came when I played 7 days a week at the different clubs I owned, mostly at the renowned Amfitheatro. I absolutely love being a DJ and I will keep on doing it.

6. Any plans for another Gold Seller CD to hit the music stores this year?

We are currently working on the MADE IN MYKONOS CD to be released this summer. Our history of CD releases goes way back. Our first compilation was House Experience One, Two, and Three, followed by the 2nd release, Venue, both the name of one of the clubs we owned and the compilation itself. Then we introduced the Round Trip Mykonos to IBIZA compilation and the Round Trip Mykonos to St. Tropez. For the past 7 years we have been compiling the MADE IN MYKONOS CD series, hopefully to have it launched early Summer 2017.

7. How would you describe the nightlife scene in Qatar?

My expectations were big and they were met. The party venues in Doha speak luxury and we were thrilled with the amazing crowd I’ve heard plenty about. I’m excited to return back to Doha for another hyped up party night.

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