Why You Should Not Attend RBMA: Omar Souleyman

By Red Bull Jordan

You could recognize those shades, the Jalabiya and Hata from the top of the Eiffel tower … or from the top of a flying airplane. A farmer-turned-wedding-singer from northeastern Syria, a father of nine and an unlikely electronic music star. The man, the legend, the master of hand movements: Omar Souleyman.

Yes, we are not kidding. Omar Souleyman is coming to Jordan in 7/7/2017, accompanied by Autostrad and Gultrah Sound System for a night that can only be described as “Mejwez”-tastic!

We listed down a couple of reasons why you probably shouldn’t attend this once in a life-time-never-seen-before concert:

1. Omar Souleyman has more than 500 live albums to his name. But, who’s counting?

Omar Souleyman in Stockholm, Sweden
Omar Souleyman in Stockholm, Sweden © Richard Ström

2. Warning! A Dabke line formation will happen! It’s inevitable.

3. At some point, more than 4000 people will be doing the “Warni Warni” hand dance. Why would you want to be part of that magical moment?

4. He has a song with Björk. He really does!

5. There will be lots of “Mejwez” music. Your body might start doing involuntary dance movements.

6. Have we mentioned that Autostrad will be there?

Autostrad at the Amman Exhibition Park in Jordan
Autostrad at the Amman Exhibition Park in Jordan © Farras Oran

7. He’s probably the only Hata wearing astronaut/wedding singer to make it to Space!

Omar Souleyman's 'Warni Warni'
Omar Souleyman's 'Warni Warni'

If you’re still not convinced by the reasons above, be there on 7/7/2017 - Seven Hills (Airport Road) at 7 PM

Get your tickets here

Or from TAJ Mall, JO Bedu and Turtle Green.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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