Who needs video games with Matthias Wieschermann?

A virtual version of this dude would earn a bonus life and two power-ups for this move.
By Niall Neeson

There comes a time in the product cycle of skateboarding video games when the programmers lose touch with reality. As a result, you find yourself deciding that, although it is kind of ridiculous, you might as well see what the most over-the-top combo you can pull is, before you bin it off for the night.

Germany’s Matthias Wieschermann is on the Blind flow programme because he’s crossed into that ‘video game consistency’ world where he can film a full park edit in one day. Remember as you watch this that the manual out of this ledge banger is fully intentional, while the little flourish at the end is, frankly, just showing off. Virtual reality stuff!

What the…?!

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