Is Julien Mérour the most underrated ripper?

Watch the low-key French styler come through with another banging section.
By Greg Poissonnier

Julien Mérour is a household name on the French skate scene now, with a decent number of video parts under his belt and dozens of photos printed accross European magazines. That said, Mérour never really exploded into the awareness of the skate world despite his creativity and grace on board.

That remained the case until last year, when he dropped a banging part for Honey Pot Wheels, which caught global attention. Here with the follow-up part and talking Spanish routines is the man himself.

Julien, could you please tell our readers who you are?
My name's Julien Mérour and I'm a Frenchman living in Barcelona.

You've been living in Barcelona for quite a few years now. Looking back, would you say it's been a positive move for your career?
Yeah, it's been pretty positive on different levels. I've discovered and learnt a lot of new things in Barcelona: different skaters, the spots, motivations and levels, and the cool temperatures as well.

You released a really good video part last year for Honey Pot Wheels. Did it open new opportunities for you, sponsor-wise?
It didn't really help with sponsors. I had a few contacts, but no follow-up. I kept skating as much as I could, found a job so that I'm able to stay here, in this city that pumps me up. In Barca you can really have fun with little income. It might be a bit easier here than in other cities. 

What are your biggest inspirations in today's skateboarding. What gives you the motivation to go skate?
It's the fun of it; going on a trip with some friends and being able to skate anywhere, discovering new spots and basically enjoying the moment. Skateboarding has always kept me motivated and I don't think it's going to change anytime soon.

I'm open to any kind of style or spot, and I think there's always stuff to see and learn. There's always something new coming up, it doesn't stop evolving – as are video and photography, which I like a lot as well.

What's your daily grind in Barcelona?
When I'm not working, I usually try to go on skate missions with my friends; we hop on a train or car and we wander all day long around Barca and try to skate as many spots as possible. Or, I just see if there's some kind of event happening – you can easily do a lot of different things in one day.











What are your plans for the future, skate-wise and on a professional level?
I've got a few video projects that should drop soon, and after that I'll travel to Brazil to film for the upcoming Honey Pot Wheels video, which should come out in 2017. After that I'll try to spend two months in the United States.

Other than that, I'm planning to stay in Barcelona for a while and then probably try to travel and discover new countries while working little jobs – and still enjoying skateboarding to the fullest.

Julien would like to thank Emerica, Honey Pot Wheels, Skanking Shop, Klap


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