Marten Rapp comes correct with a mad manny combo!

Watch Picture Skateboards’ manual advocate spin for the win.
By Niall Neeson

If there is one aspect of skateboarding that has no signs of running out of creative steam it is the manual game. The seemingly endless variations so perfect for the internet clip era keep coming thick and fast, and one ripper at the front of the pack is Marten Rapp from Örebro, Sweden.

A self-confessed ‘manual advocate’ (!), Marten is one of those souls with the patience and shins to put in the endless hours mastering this most treacherous of all skating disciplines. With an infinite amount of ways in which they can go wrong, manuals of any variety get much more difficult with any trick into them. Add another trick out, and you are into the twilight zone. Make those two tricks as wayward as possible, and you are into tap-the-side-of-your-head-territory.

And so we ask: Marten Rapp – What The Actual?!

#What the...?!

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