Watch all the action from Red Bull Hart Lines 2017

A who’s who of street skateboarding showed up last Saturday in Detroit – witness the hammers here!
By Theo Lewitt

Nyjah Huston just took down Red Bull Hart Lines for the second straight year. Despite course changes with reduced feature size, the emphasis on technical, fast skating was stronger than ever. Nyjah rose to the challenge and managed four near-perfect runs from top to bottom, setting the bar in variety, difficulty and even time — consistency to the teeth.

Judge for yourself by hopping over to our nifty run-analyser on Red Bull TV and watching them all!

On fire throughout both days of practice, first-time Hart Lines competitor Kelvin Hoefler skated the course with complete confidence and power. While he had a bit of trouble stomping complete runs in Lane 1, he made up the point deficit quickly in his last run in Lane 2, earning him a podium finish, respectable as ever given the ridiculously stacked field.

After breaking his thumb on his first run of practice late Friday afternoon, Alec Majerus started his 2017 Hart Lines run with a bit of unexpected turbulence. But, as anyone familiar with his skating could have guessed, he charged all the same, attacking the course with more speed than anyone else in competition (perhaps tied on the radar only by Chase Webb).

With a rocky run in the first lane, Majerus, like Hoefler, made a leap into the top three spots in his last run on Lane 2. With a stronger Lane 1 showing, Majerus might have closed the gap between himself and Huston, but it was not to be.

Watch all the runs on Red Bull TV's analyser to see why Saturday was Huston's day and his consistency reigned supreme.

Full results:

1. Nyjah Huston
2. Alec Majerus
3. Kelvin Hoefler
4. Ryan Decenzo
5. Chase Webb
6. Ryan Sheckler
7. Tommy Fynn
8. Felipe Gustavo
9. Axel Cruysberghs
10. Paul Hart


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