Enjoy Pretty Sweet in full over on Red Bull TV

Girl and Chocolate’s magnum opus is available for your pleasure right now in glorious HD!
By Niall Neeson

Considered by some to be the high-water mark of the Crailtap empire's creative output, Pretty Sweet saw the first equally collaborative production by both of the sister brands Girl Skateboards and Chocolate Skateboards.

Available from now, in full, over on Red Bull TV, Pretty Sweet is also notable as auteur Ty Evans' final production for the camp which had by that point become the benchmark for excellence in skateboard video production, on all fronts.

Videos of this calibre deserve to be seen in the manner they were conceived, and so Red Bull TV have linked up with the good people in the Crailtap camp to bring you Pretty Sweet in full for you to watch any time you like in beautifully clear resolution.

With Lakai's highly-anticipated new offering The Flare imminent, why not skip on over to Red Bull TV and remind yourself why these guys are considered the absolute dons of the skate game then, now and forever.


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