See how Jaime Mateu has been wrecking games

With bangers like this, no wonder the Mallorcan metalhead has been making waves Stateside.
By Niall Neeson

European concrete destroyers have to be at the top of their game to gain the respect of their American counterparts. From the early DIY pours of San Diego to the monoliths of Oregon, the USA is where transition skating is at it’s most brutal and unforgiving.

The pools go back generations, and the skateparks just keep getting gnarlier. Places like Seattle’s Marginal Way and Philadelphia’s FDR are proving grounds, really. You can’t go to those places with a couple of mini ramp bangers and hope to get out alive.

Jaime Mateu has added an extended tour of duty in California to his ongoing rampage as the new enfant terrible of European bowl-crushing, joining a hallowed line that runs from Daniel Cardone, Div Adam, Stu Graham through to Fernando Bramsmark, Ivan Federico and so on.

With an unpretentious rawness that endears him to the out-crowd, Jaime has, like Pedro Barros, staked his claim without waiting to be invited. Here are three reasons why he’s absolutely un-ignorable in skating today. 


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