Put the pedal to the metal skating Bangalore

Jaakko Ojanen, Rob Wootton, Christian Bica and Nassim Guammaz rolling on throughout India.
By Poornabodh Navadatti

What makes a good curry is authentic ingredients and a balance of spices; and this, to all intents and purposes, was the essence of the international ensemble of skaters on this trip from Goa to Chennai via Bangalore.

Tightening their trucks and loosening their vibes, Christian Bica, Rob Wootton, Nassim Guammaz and Jaakko Ojanen immersed themselves in the city of Bangalore.

Being the skate capital of India, Bangalore treated us to a fair share of spots, amazing temples and, of course, their rad DIY park.

Thanking the gnar gods for our solid sessions, we were just about ready to bid goodbye to Bangalore when a curse seemed to befall Rob, who after taking a five-foot body slam also managed to get struck on the head by a loose metal beam.

Thankfully, the curse didn’t seem to linger, and proper order was restored again as our spirits lifted on the long road to Chennai.

If you are feeling the Patrik Wallner edit of this leg of the trip above, you can watch the Goa sessions on the link below and stop by in a week’s time for the ender-enders in Chennai!


Jaakko Ojanen
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