Creating Bahrain at Malja

By Noor Nooruddin - Bahrain

Thursday, October 10, showed the culmination of months of documentation and exploration of the creative scene on our little island, as JEO Productions decided to showcase local talent the best way they know how: film. The local production house invited different Bahraini creatives to apply to have their work processes filmed so that everyone could get a closer look at our budding talent. The resulting film, Create Bahrain, was screened exclusively at Malja Bahrain, and featured artists from every creative field you can imagine, from b-boying and illustration, to glass art, pottery, and rock music. The film highlighted in great style the range of artistic talent and creative energy building up on this beautiful island!

Artists who featured in the film include illustrator Weaam Spernick and glass artist Nomi Rajan, whose work is currently on display at the Malja ‘Call Out’ Exhibition!

Get a peek into the creative scene here, and stay tuned for the Create Bahrain video to become available online soon.

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