Beauty and the Beastman

Brad Eastman to paint landscape mural in Dubai
By Suzanne Locke - UAE

Whichever came first, the nickname or the monster motif, Australian street artist Brad ‘Beastman’ Eastman is now synonymous with the art of nature, creatures, bold colours and geometry.

Beastman's Murals © Brad Eastman

Growing up, Brad was obsessed with skateboarding and, at one point, thought to make it a career, even shooting skateboard videos and photography. A self-taught painter and designer, he began to exhibit his artwork 11 years ago and regularly collaborates with other artists including the likes of Vans the Omega.

His instantly recognisable works focus on organic shapes, new lifeforms and patterns from nature – raindrops, plants, eyes and, often, a repetitive triangle pattern representing the cluster of life. He is known for using an extensive colour palette, often representing the different elements of nature.

In action © Brad Eastman

Ahead of his mural magicry this weekend in Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai, we caught up with Brad for a few words as this prolifically busy artist stepped onto a plane over to the UAE from his home in Bali, Indonesia, where he lives with his wife and two sons.

Brad - what inspires you?

The natural world, patterns, design aesthetics, colour and the future. I am trying to paint unique imagery, developing my own unseen visual language. I think there are references and hints from many different artistic styles within the work. It's all about balancing different elements, colours, patterns and movement to create new imagery and, in turn, create conversation about life, the future and what could be.

How do you get time to create so much?

I don't know. I just keep going at a pace I am comfortable with. Sometimes it gets a bit crazy - especially now I have two little boys as well.

Do you still skateboard?

Yeah, I still skate when I can. I’ve also started surfing a fair bit since I’ve been living in Bali.

How is Bali life?

For me and my family it's a great lifestyle here in Bali. We love the Canggu area, the people, the coastal landscape, the low cost of living. It's a really good spot to be based from for now.

It's all about art © Brad Eastman

Tell us more about the mural you're creating here in Dubai.

I'm going to be painting an abstract landscape mural: an exercise in balance and movement; the converging of different elements; a visual representation of nature. The piece will be titled Convergence. I’ll paint it with aerosol paint over four days.

You do murals, art prints and even rugs and clothing. What do you consider your best work?

I haven't created it yet! It's a journey into the future: the best is yet to come. I'm constantly trying to improve and move forward to make better work.

The Beastman will be creating his Convergence mural from 17th March to 19th March at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Dubai as part of Red Bull Curates – come watch the beastly brilliance take shape.

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