The rise of Automotive Furniture
By Red Bull Jordan

You might stare at an old rusted piece of a broken down car and only see junk, but for Abdulrahman it’s a new invention in the making!

Auto-Art is the idea of creating masterpieces using car scrap parts creatively in fabricating exotic automotive furniture and accessories.
It all started as the graduation project of Abdulrahman Asfour back when he was in University and it quickly escalated to become his full-time job. Setting-up shop in his uncle’s old caravan and creating his own workspace with very limited resources, he managed to create a name for himself in the automotive furniture business.

Spending most of his days searching through junk yards and car graveyards to find the most suitable piece to fit his grand design, Abdulrahman looks for the best-looking parts overlooking their old functionality in their previous lives. For him, junk is a true treasure and every single part in the car can be used to create a usable piece of furniture.

From lights to speakers to tables and chairs to even a motorcycle sink, there is no limit to what Abdulrahman can imagine and create. His latest creation being the trophies that were used at Red Bull Car Park Drift Jordan 2016 qualifiers. Know more about Auto-Art in the video above.

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