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Louka Pitot in action
Louka Pitot in action © Joel Capillaire
By Red Bull Mauritius

Louka Pitot grew up with his feet in the emerald green lagoon of his native tropical island Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Treading in the paths of his father and grandfather, both of them sailing enthusiasts, he learned to steer a boat since his early years. He got enthusiastic about kitesurfing when, aged ten, he saw some kitesurfers playing with the breeze and waves while visiting friends living close to windy beach.

The young Mauritian quickly got his first kitesurfing gear and added that sport to his regular tennis and sailing. He devoted more and more time and dedication to kitesurfing and embraced fully that sport, slowly but surely building up a reputation in the small island.


His rapid progress and achievements helped Louka to share more of his enthusiasm with kitesurfers from abroad - keen social media friends who finally convinced him to try his luck in competition in Europe. From then on, things went as fast for him as his board did on wind-blown waters. He reached the top ten group at the 2014 “under 17” freestyle world championships and grabbed the third place the following year in the “under 19” class. His best achievement so far followed in 2016, with a unique set of victories at the freestyle French championships and European championships – thanks to being also a French citizen from his parents’ ascent – as well as the world IFKO championships for under 19’s.

Louka is completing secondary school in Mauritius and will no longer be able to kite in the « junior » category ad from 2018. Competition will be harder, and so will be the training. « I train hard, but I also want to have fun and one thing is for sure : I can never live without being close to the sea or on it, surfing and playing with the wind and waves », says Louka.

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