Behind the Bar

    with Bartender Marius Gogoasa
By Red Bull Oman

One of the best international bartenders out there – Marius Gogoasa landed in Oman to celebrate the launch of the new Red Bull Yellow Edition!

Red Bull, Red Bull Oman, yellow, yellow edition, beverage
Marius during the launch of Bartender Romania © Ionut Rusu

Q: When did your journey start and when did you realise you have a talent for what you do?

A: “At the age of 18, I started to work part-time in Bucharest. I was an Eco-nomic Engineering student. At the age of 21, I opened my first outlet in Costinesti, on the Romanian Black Sea. At the age of 23, I started working as a head bartender for JW Marriot and I stepped all the way to a manager position. At the age of 28, I opened my own business. Along the way, I have learned that talent is not required! You need something else...I call it endurance.”

Q: Who or what encouraged you to venture into this field?

A: “There is a myth saying that this job chooses you and not the other way around. I think this was the case with me as well but without the three key ele-ments (passion, work and discipline) which, in my opinion, is the core of be-coming a professional in any field, there is no easy way to get there. I learnt what hard work meant during my childhood, from my father to whom I am very grateful now.”

Red Bull, Red Bull Oman, yellow, yellow edition, beverage
Ionut Ivanov is one of Marius's partners © Ionut Rusu

Q: What do you normally do in your free time? What are your other passions in life?

A: “Well during the last two or three years I started to discover the term “free time”. Until then it was hard to disconnect from Exquisite Bar Solutions. Now I try to spend most of my time with my family.
Although I’m away from home for long periods of time with trainings, events or different projects abroad or in the country, I’ve learned that time is rela-tive… you have to “find it”!

Q: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

A: “Five years from now. That far away! I knew how to answer this question 12 years ago :-) Now I don’t and I’m more focused on what’s happening this year. After 12 years working with Exquisite Bar Solutions, 6 years of Flair Angel and the launch of the first season of Bartender Romania, I want to maintain, update and develop what my partners and I developed a long time ago including training programs, bartending competitions, our annual training camps: Summer Bartenders Camp and Winter Flair Camp (the camp that hosts the only “Red Bull 12 hours Flair Marathon” in the world). I want to raise the standard on private events with the new porta-ble bar concepts and services-concept that I launched this year. I have great expectations and plans for Bartender Romania that exposes the Romanian professional bartenders and a few more projects that I am working on… but there not ready yet!”

Q: What’s your favourite drink or something everyone should try?

A: “Hmm…it is a bit complicated…Who can resist the mixes where you find ingredients like: oranges, tangerines, cranberries, kiwi, grapefruit zest, apples or pears, figs or coconut? Making drinks for people to say “YESSS! I love it!” The new bartending trends pushes all kind of unique ingredients, techniques and elements that have never been explored until now like apricot marmalade & jams, lavender & spices, parma violets & edible flowers, cherry caviar and many more beautiful things. So I say yes! You should try the new trends now but understand the classic drinks.”

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