What Happened at #NeymarJrsFive Final in Lebanon

By Red Bull Lebanon

On Sunday, May 14 – For the second time around, Saida witnessed the Neymar Jr’s Five Lebanese national final. Sixteen teams – out of 100 teams – made it to the final after winning their local qualifiers in Jounieh, Saida, Tripoli and Beirut. Only one team outplayed them all and made it to the global final in Praia Grande, Brazil. Congratulations Harb Team!

Old Is Gold

Games, coupled into 4 rounds, took place on one concrete court at the Maani Club located within the Old Saida Souk. But, you know that already! That drone shot makes it quite easy to spot.

Referee tossing coin
Referee tossing coin © Akl Yazbeck - Sportscode Images

Flip N’ Toss

Games started at 12PM – each match counting 10 minutes.
The 16 teams who competed in the final were:

  • Galacticos, Ahli Saida, Armos and B-City from the Jounieh Qualifier
  • Al Ahli Saida 2, Frozen, Bdeiralona and Najed Madi from the Saida Qualifier
  • Aouad, Special Players, 9596 Mont La Salle and Al Safa from the Tripoli Qualifier
  • Leblords, PE, Daher Naim and Harb Team from the Beirut Qualifier


Neymar Jr’s Five National Final
Neymar Jr’s Five National Final © Akl Yazbeck - Sportscode Images
Player Getting Ready
Player Getting Ready © Akl Yazbeck - Sportscode Images

On Your Mark… Get Set…

Before any of the teams get knocked out, 24 games needed to be played. The 8 teams with the most points would move onto the next round: the quarterfinal.

Neymar Jr’s Five Player
Neymar Jr’s Five Player © Akl Yazbeck - Sportscode Images
Neymar Jr’s Five Participants
Neymar Jr’s Five Participants © Akl Yazbeck - Sportscode Images

…Go! *Hearts Race*

Every team proved that they deserved to be here. Players showed a high level of skill, strategy and above all passion.

Football Kicks
Football Kicks © Lara Arapguirlian - Sportscode Image

Way Too Much Skill

Football or Kung Fu? Players stopped at nothing to book their spot in the quarterfinal.
The final 8 were: Ahli Saida, Aouad, Al Safa, Armos, Bdeiralona, Leblords, Najed Madi and Harb Team

Neymar Jr’s Five Teammates
Neymar Jr’s Five Teammates © Akl Yazbeck - Sportscode Image
Neymar Jr’s Five Falls
Neymar Jr’s Five Falls © Akl Yazbeck - Sportscode Image

Passion & Nerves

It’s not a football match if things don’t get a little heated – it’s what makes the game so great and proves passion. The quarterfinal is the knockout round. Four games are held and whichever team loses is out of the competition.

Referee Yellow Card
Referee Yellow Card © Lara Arapguirlian - Sportscode Image
Referee and Player
Referee and Player © Akl Yazbeck - Sportscode Image

Yellow Cards & Restlessness

The semifinal is usually the round in which many mistakes are done. Everybody wants to win but stress and tiredness take over. The teams who were able to move forward to the semifinal were: Al Safa, Najed Madi, Harb Team and Bdeiralona. Harb Team vs. Bdeiralona winning 3-1, and Al Safa vs. Najed Madi winning 2-1.


Neymar Jr’s Five Crowd
Neymar Jr’s Five Crowd © Akl Yazbeck - Sportscode Image

Unresting Crowd

The crowd did not disappoint: cheering and singing all-day long. The atmosphere is surely what motivated every player to perform his best. Unfortunately, only one team could make it till the end. The last two teams to play again each other were Al Safa and Harb Team.

Wartan Sebaai vs Mohamad Safa
Wartan Sebaai vs Mohamad Safa © Akl Yazbeck - Sportscode Image

Golden Goals & Smiles

After 10 minutes of outstanding perfromance, Al Safa and Harb Team finished with a tie. You know what means? Golden goal. It’s a one-on-one game and the player who scores first wins. Wartan Sebaai and Mohamad Al Safa, Hard Team and Al Safa’s captains had to outplay each other. Despite the heat, both players were good sports.

Harb Team For The Win

Wartan Sebaai scored the goal and Harb Team clinched the title of Neymar Jr’s Five Lebanese champions.
Here’s to them! See you at the global final in Praia Grande, Brazil.

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