Fahad Al Abri: Oman’s All-Rounder

By Erin Neil - Oman

Athlete, musician, wellness activist and humanitarian; these are the many hats of Fahad Al Abri. No matter which one he is wearing, the 29 year-old Omani is on a mission to promote happiness and health.

Handstanding at Wadi Huqain, Oman
Handstanding at Wadi Huqain, Oman © Natalia Lutz

Sport was always a big part of Fahad’s life growing up. During his time at university in Ireland he developed a passion for Gaelic Football, a passion he brought back with him to Oman. He competed as part of the Middle East team at the Gaelic Football World Championships and was named the All-Star player for the 2013/2014 season.

Today, Fahad works as a fitness instructor and trainer, but outside the office, Fahad can often be found upside-down. Fahad has perfected the art of the handstand, and photographs himself in the pose across Oman and beyond.

Handstanding at Nizwa Souk, Oman
Handstanding at Nizwa Souk, Oman

“I like the symbolism behind the handstand,” says Fahad. “It is a pose that requires a lot of strength and balance, not only physically, but also mentally. It presents a psychological barrier because it pushes you outside your comfort zone. Once you have conquered it, you can see that there is no limit to what you can achieve if you set your mind to it. It allows you to see the world from a whole new perspective.”

“Body weight exercises and calisthenics are very powerful moves because you have to trust and rely on yourself completely. Becoming strong, fit and healthy is not exclusively limited to a gym and I hope that my handstands outdoors around Oman promote this idea.”

For Fahad, wellness is does not only stem from the body, but also from the soul. From a young age he also embraced music, teaching himself the guitar, harmonica and ukulele. Today he can often be found playing live around Muscat.

 Fahad embraced music from a young age
Fahad embraced music from a young age © Firas Al Raisi

My advice to anyone is to be the best you can be, treat yourself and others well, and give meaning to your life while you live.

Fahad Al Abri

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