The wet season wave drought bursts in style

Jay Davies lands in Bali as a magic swell delivers him, Marlon Gerber and Betet Merta the goods.
By Chris Binns

Between El Niño, La Niña and a strange phenomenon called the Indian Ocean Dipole, the waters around Indonesia have sure been a breeding ground for the strange of late. A volcanic archipelago of 18,000 islands (16,000 on high tide, apparently), Indonesia is also home to the Wallace Line, which separates the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and leads to all sorts of wild conditions and energy in the strait between Bali and Lombok.

One near-constant about Bali is the swell. Although this year's early cracking open of the wet season was appreciated, even when the water was brown and there were dead animals around there were always waves to be found. Such was the case when Jay Davies got to town. The big West Australian they call Dizzle was straight on the phone to pals Marlon Gerber and Betet Merta once rubber hit tarmac in Denpasar, and they bolted to a couple of familiar and not-so-familiar spots in search of action.

Did the boys score insane waves? Hit play on the video above and find out for yourself. Just you try and tell me conditions don't look inviting.


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