Follow Adriano de Souza’s path to the top

From Guarujá grom to world champion, this is Adriano de Souza’s story.
By Andrew Lewis

If there was ever a face to put to the phrase 'working class hero', it would be Adriano de Souza's. Born and raised in a favela in Guarujá, Brazil, outside of São Paulo, de Souza found surfing at a young age – thanks to his brother, Angelo – and never let go. 

In this episode of Ride to the Roots, Red Bull TV follow 'Mineirinho' back to the streets and beaches that made him the tenacious, talented world champion that he is today.

"The reality for living in the favela, it's hard," he says. "You don't have three or four options to decide, 'Oh, I'm going this way or that way' – you're going to the right way or you're going to the wrong way. It's only two roads." 

Angelo decided for his younger brother that sport would be the thing that would keep Adriano out of trouble, so he found a cheap board and gave it to him. "As soon as he gave me that board," Adriano says, "I saw a huge opportunity in my hands."

And opportunity it was. One contest win led to another and the next thing Adriano knew he was living out his dream of competing on the world tour.

The past decade going up against the world's best hasn't been easy – for one, he's had to spend most of his adult life living away from home – but the sacrifices eventually paid off with his world title win in 2015. 

You don't want to miss this incredible story. Head on over to Red Bull TV right now and check it out!


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