Ride with Fanning and Fioravanti in firing Fiji

Cloudbreak turned on, and the world’s best were there to witness it.
By Andrew Lewis

Like clockwork in the last few years, the days before the men and women of the World Tour kick compete in Fiji have seen the waves go bonkers. And guess what? Well, just have a look at the video above.

Not all the pros had made the treck to the South Pacific when a perfect, pumping swell came pouring across Cloudbreak, but Mick Fanning and Leo Fioravanti had, and they were quick to put on a show for the crowd in the line up. Luckily for us, filmers Jacob Vanderwork and Pat Stacy were there too, teaming up to document all the action.

Italian surfer Leo Fioravanti rides the barrel at Cloudbreak surf break in Fiji
Leo Fioravanti locked in © Pat Stacy

Fanning and Fioravanti weren't the only ones dominating the line up however. Aussie Daniel Vardy proved himself a Cloudbreak tube-hound of the highest regard, snagging some of the best waves of the day. Just have a look at the proof above, and then get ready for plenty more action from Fiji in the days and weeks to come. 


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