This is Gabriel Villarán’s postcard from Hawaii

The Peruvian pro shows us his best and most brutal moments from a season of maxing Pipeline.
By Andrew Lewis

Gabriel Villarán is no stranger to pumping, critical left-hand waves. He is from Peru, after all — a veritable goofy-foot paradise. So, it's no surprise that at the close of each North Shore winter, he has a treasure trove of clips from the world's fiercest left: Pipeline.

As you'll see in the edit above, however, Villarán isn't the only South American ripper to have put his stamp on – and left some skin at – Pipe this winter. Along for the ride are fellow countrymen, Sebastian Correa and Miguel Tudela.

Surfer Gabriel Villaran pulls into a huge closeout at Pipeline
Gabriel Villaran, total commitment

Also in the mix are local heavies, Reef McIntoshDanny Fuller and Ezra Sitt. So – obviously – we've got quite a show on are hands in this final North Shore edit of the season. Everyone's now looking to points south for big barrels, including Villarán. So stay tuned. 


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