The Road to Red Bull Ragnarok

Driva, the northern mytholgogys ”Daughter of snow”, invites female snowkiters to a four day camp.
Snøkitere på Haugastøl.
DRIVA Snowkite camp ©
av Red Bull

DRIVA Snowkite camp is the first female oriented pre Red Bull Ragnarok camp! 

The battle of Red Bull Ragnarok will take place on the plains of Hardangervidda the first weekend of April 2016. It's a tough race, and without the proper experience it can turn out to be a very short one for many.

Fear nothing, Driva, the northern mytholgogys ”Daughter of snow”,
invites all snowflakes – in this case – female snowkiters,
to a four day preparation camp before the battle of Ragnarok will take place.

– We are really looking forward to show new and old visitors to Ragnarok the amazing Hardangervidda. We have a lot of tips and tricks to give away to prepare everyone for the raceday! This will be a really fun week, says Camilla Ringvold, four times Ragnarok-participant, with podium placements and 1st place in 2014.

– It´s possible to do well AND have fun even with little experience in kiting beforehand, a living proof is Linda Viktoria Olofsson, winner of the snowboard category 2015.


Previous winners of the Red Bull Ragnarok ski and snowboard category will be your hosts. Have you never snowkited before? Don't worry, we'll have you up and running on the first day! We can also arrange for rental of kites, snowboard or skis if you want to travel light. If you are an experienced snowkiter, we'll coach you in the direction that will give you the advantage you are looking for in the race. Pro athlete surprise coaches will also appear!

Ragnarok has taken place f times, and the track is never exactly the same. Sometimes some of the route is similar, sometimes it´s at a completely different place on the plateau. We have participated at all of them, and we know these mountain plains very well. Natural obstacles are a part of this race – but don´t worry; there are ways around jumping off cliffs. But if you´d like to fly out – we´ll teach you how.

Sharing a starting line with 300 kiters is a once in a lifetime-experience for many, and it can be a bit intimidating. We'll help you make a plan for your race, even if you´re aiming to just make one lap, finish the race or is aiming for a top position. For many, the mental challenge of finishing, especially in low wind conditions or in really tough weather, are just as tough if not tougher, for many. This race is a fun event, and we´ve got some great tips to share with you to keep a positive vibe throughout the race. When the going gets tough – we´ll make sure the snowflakes keeps going!

Red Bull Ragnarok photographer, and the number one snowkite capturer in Norway, Håkon Mæland at MLand Pictures will follow us during the days on the mountain. Capturing enough footage for you to fill up your social media accounts for the next year with wild, fun and exiting snowkiting shots of you and your fellow snowflakes!

Welcome to Norway, Haugastøl and the Hardangervidda mountain plateau! For more info about the race, please check out

Including accommodation full board at Haugastøl Turistsenter for the duration of the camp. Guaranteed entrance and start free at Red Bull Ragnarok.

NOTE: Accommodation for the Red Bull Ragnarok event after the camp (Thursday – Sunday) is not included and must be booked private. There is a 500NOK cash deposit for all participants to the race for the timing chip. It will be returned to you after the race when you hand in your timing chip. 

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