The ultimate Ragnarok packing list

Check out Camilla Ringvold's race day checklist.
Camilla Ringvold
Camilla Ringvold © Håkon Mæland/
av Matias Fosso Kristiansen

Having the right gear and clothing can be crucial both for your experience and your success at Red Bull Ragnarok. We had a talk with Camilla Ringvold, and got to have a look into her packing list for the occasion. This list will get you to the starting line well prepared for any situation.

Camilla Ringvold is one of the world's most talented kiters. She is a five-time Norwegian champion, the 2014-winner of Red Bull Battle of the Sund, and the 2014-winner of Red Bull Ragnarok. She is also one of very few to have crossed the Atlantic Ocean by kite. In other words – this woman knows what she is talking about.

Camilla getting ready for Ragnarok
Camilla getting ready for Ragnarok

Here is Ringvold's list:

Kites: I bring four sizes to ensure that I can kite in any conditions. From 5m as the smallest, to the largest bastard you can find. My favorite kites are in the range of Cabrinha Velocity 13 and 11 for Ragnarok. I sometimes experience that using a smaller race specific tube kite rather than a big foil, is more maneuverable when it gets really crowded around the course. And if the wind dies, you get a lot less hassle with your lines. It’s also faster to get in the air. It might be a bit slower on the long stretches, but the benefits have proven to be larger than the downfalls, so far. 

Skis: Use what you have, and what you are used to riding. Depending on the snow conditions, race skis, light randonee skis or your powderplanks can all be used.

Line sets and control bars: For all your kites, if possible. The wind can vary from 2 to 20 m/s, so you have to be able to change between kites quickly.

GPS: Well, you don't need it to find your way. The track is very well marked, but if you would like to share your time and compare with friends after the race, it is a great tool.

Goggles: Remember to bring a pair of spare glasses in your backpack if the weather/visibility changes. 

Skiwax: Make sure to bring for plus and minus degrees (Celsius). The parking lot outside Haugastøl is a great hangout for ski waxing. Bring an iron if you have one – there is always a lack of those.

Water: Bring a small backpack with water, camelback or other.

Chocolate/energy bars: Bring one extra to share with a new friend!

Sunscreen: You will need it! I use the SolRX 30 even on cloudy days! Enough protection to not get burned, but still get some freckles on my nose.

A big warm jacket: I also bring a big jacket to wear while rigging kites, waiting for race start, and to stay warm after the race. At the rigging site, I also bring a pump and a thermos with something warm to drink, and a good pre-made lunch.

Gloves or mittens: Leather gloves are better for all maneuvers, but if the weather is really cold – I bring mittens. A five-hour race with frozen fingers is not ideal, but some hand warmers can save you. Be prepared!

A thin beanie to place under the helmet.

and for the rest…

Shell jacket

Shell pants

Wool baselayer

Ski socks

A wool neck



Energy drink

Leatherman multi-tool

Two zip ties

A good mood! This might be the most important thing. If you win, get the dreadful fourth place, finish last, or don't finish at all – a good mood is the key to a good event. You will learn so much these days, and the memories last forever! May the one who has the most fun win!

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