Weather Forecast: Red Bull Ragnarok

May the gods be with us.
Hardangervidda Red Bull Ragnarok 2016
Red Bull Ragnarok © Mats Grimsæth
av Matias Fosso Kristiansen

We’re now two days away from the greatest snowkiting event of the year, Red Bull Ragnarok, and the weather forecasts are still constantly changing. According to the Norwegian weather forecasting site,, we should prepare for a wet, and calm, race day (Friday). But hey, if the weather does not allow for the race to go ahead on Friday, it will simply be moved to Saturday or Sunday.

According to Bjørn Kaupang, the conditions have been challenging in the last few days, with high temperatures and sticky snow. If the forecasts appear to be right, he expects a physically tough race. This gives a greater advantage to the experienced and physically-fit riders.

The current forecasts indicate that the temperature will shift from minus to plus degrees right before the race starts. This makes it crucial to prep your skis and snowboard properly. Make sure that you have ski wax for both plus and minus degrees Celsius, and clothing that can handle slushy snow!

Wind speeds of 1-2 m/s might force a rescheduling of the race. Luckily, we are expecting more wind on both Saturday and Sunday. However, these are all the current forecasts and nothing is certain yet.

Kaupang underlines the fact that the weather changes constantly on Hardangervidda, and that forecasts can be unreliable. The red color markings on mean that the predictions are uncertain. For all we know, we could end up with perfect conditions on Friday.

We can’t wait to see you all, very soon! Stay flexible ✌️

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