Ragnarok participants go carbon neutral

With the help of Renault and Chooose, Ragnarok was a climate positive event.
Red Bull Ragnarok 2017
Red Bull Ragnarok 2017 © Kyle Meyr / Red Bull Content Pool
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With the support of Renault, and through the execution of Chooose, we managed to make all participants at this year's Red Bull Ragnarok carbon neutral, or in fact climate positive. Renault bought 55 CO2 quotas, the equivalent of 55 tons of CO2 or 2200 years worth of recycling!

Chooose works in the way that they buy, and thus remove one CO2 quota, from the marked. A quota is basically a permission to pollute 1 ton of CO2. But when Chooose buy the permissions, they make sure that the quota never actually ends up as a ton of CO2 in our atmosphere.

As far as we know, Ragnarok was the world's first sports event where all participants were climate positive throughout the entire event.

Andreas Slettvoll, Chooose

Thanks again to Renault and Chooose!

You can read more about how Chooose works, and what they are doing, here.

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