Ladi6: Return to Africa Teaser

Ladi6 returns to Africa on a journey of rediscovery! Watch the teaser of the 24 min documentary
By Red Bull NZ

Captured in a 24 minute documentary, acclaimed New Zealand musician Ladi6 returns to Africa on a journey of musical rediscovery, revisiting the places and times that inspired her 16 years ago to become a musician.

My return to Africa was an incredible journey of self discovery and a chance to pin point where it all began for me. It felt like home and was something that I had previously left in the background of my life.

says Ladi.

Returning with my family felt like it was a full circle 'aha' moment, realising a part of who I am and why I am that way. Realising that I had a lot of alone time as a teenager and that helped me to really connect with myself, and gave me an opportunity as a teen to discover myself on my own

says Ladi6.

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