Four Tet

Living room electronica with a twist of house, futuristic jazz and what not!
Four Tet
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Living room electronica with a twist of house, futuristic jazz and what not!

Few artists have had such a diverse range of productions as this Englishman. Together with two of his best friends he released his first album, as Fridge, being just 15 years old. The same year, 1997, he released his first solo project on the label Output. Since then he has put his artist name, Four Tet, on eight albums and a ninth one ”Beautiful rewind” coming out this fall.

One of the many great things about Four Tet is that he is musically versatile in a way that few other artists and producers can match. It is seriously difficult if not impossible to try to label him. Downtempo experimental beats, lo fi acoustic sounds and futuristic jazz over to techno, deep house and ambient. Four Tet manages to make all styles his own.

As a youngster he started collecting freejazz records and got hooked to sampling which resulted in the two first albums being made entirely out of samples, except no one knew. In an interview with Pitchfork he revealed that his breakthrough album ”Rounds” was not played live; ”It’s all samples, except for the electric guitar on the last track. Everything else is from vinyl bought on the road. I probably sampled 300 records to make it.”

Since his early days he has released most of his singles on his own record label Text. The label has not just been a perfect testing ground for his own productions but has grown out to be a great space for some of his friends releases as well.
He told the Quietus that it was natural for him to early on start his own label: ”I grew up in the nineties where there was a very strong D.I.Y. aesthetic and I really want to see that kind of behavior encouraged more and more.”

Constantly moving on he has now produced new albums for both Omar Souleyman, the Syrian techno artist, and Swedish jazz, hip hop and soul queen Neneh Cherry. His own collaborations with longtime friend Burial on limited vinyl is still sought after and is a typical Four Tet mix of beautiful and intricate club music. In early 2013 he put out the album ”0181” which consists of unreleased music written between 1997 and 2001. He recently found the tracks on some old CDR’s, had a listen and realized it still sounded good and then decided to release it.

On Twitter he announced details on his forthcoming album ”Beautiful rewind”: "The album is all done and just getting some copies made and then will get it into the shops for you. LP, CD and internet versions. deluxe sendspace edition with art print and unique numbered download code. no pre order, no youtube trailers, no itunes stream, no spotify, no amazon deal, no charts, no bit coin deal, no last minute Rick Rubin.”

Make no mistake; this guy is not to be missed. On Sunday the 3rd Four Tet will close down the RBMA Weekender together with friends Neneh Cherry & RN9 and Omar Souleyman. Kulturhuset is the place to be. 

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