A party in air and on ground

This is what went down when #Dom180 took to the skies for the party that was Red Bull Secret Gig.
© Photo: Richard Ström Video: Soda/Lime
By Red Bull SE

What started off as a quest on cracking what the secret society called #Dom180 (The 180) were up to, ended with a Boeing 737 and ten buses filled with fans, heading to a secret concert and the party that was Red Bull Secret Gig.

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Timbuktu's "Alla vill till himlen men ingen vill dö", we decided to literaly take his fans to the sky, made possible with the help of SAS.

#Dom180 travelled in style © Richard Ström


But there was a catch! To get yourself one of the 180 seats (The 180, get it? ;) on the flight, you had to crack riddles, ciphers and perform missions on a secret website. 650 brave and eager fans managed to overcome our challenges and landed themselves a ticket to Red Bull Secret Gig. The reward was a huge party, held both in air and on ground as the airplane and buses, filled to the brim with eager fans, headed for the unknown destination.

The ultimate climax came in the form of a concert held in a hangar at Malmö airport, filled with a ton of Sweden's best hip hop artists, and of course, Mr. Timbuktu himself. 

See parts of the live performance below:

© Photo: Richard Ström Video: Soda/Lime

The entourage of great artists joining Jason on stage were no other than Chords, Cleo, Dida, Leslie Tay and Stor - giving the audience a hip hop experience that will be hard to match anytime soon.

When all was said and done, Jason's home town of Malmö for sure saw a night worthy of the history books and a Red Bull Secret Gig you'd wish you were at. For all of you who joined us, a big THANKS! For you who didn't, perhaps we'll see you next time ;)


Check out some pictures from Red Bull Secret Gig below:

For even more photos, check out #Dom180 and #RedBullSecretGig on Instagram:


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