Next Generation: Oscar Wester – a man on fire!

Get to know the freeski young gun who always has one in the chamber ready to blow minds.
Portrait of freeskier Oscar Wester at the Jon Olsson Invitational.
Now that’s a beautiful man © Kyle Meyr
By Kyle Meyr

Oscar Wester is a skier seriously on form. Seventh in the AFP overall rankings, first at Nine Knights 2014, Olympian and winner of the 2014 Jon Olsson Invitational, there's no doubt that Oscar Wester is absolutely killing it this season.

"I started skiing north of Stockholm, 10 minutes from my house, and then later on I started skiing more here in Åre," says the Swedish young gun when Red Bull caught up with him the day after his victory on home soil at the Jon Olsson Invitational to talk about his recent success.

"Last year it really snapped for me. When I started competing I did really well in the World Cup events, and I started to get really comfortable. I just found out that competing is my thing, and that I'm pretty consistent."

Oscar has laid relatively low until this season, infrequently popping his head up into the scene with edits and impressive comp results, but always in the shadow of his brother Jacob Wester, whom he is the spitting image of.

"It's really cool that my brother is a sick skier as well, and I'm kind of taking his place in the competition scene, but he is doing his thing and I am doing mine."

Freeskier Oscar Wester show a triple cork 1620 at the Jon Olsson Invitational.
In it to win it © Kyle Meyr

We press our luck and ask if he feels that he was now outshining Jacob. "Outshining him? It's hard to say… He was really sick back in the day when he competed, but I don't think so, no"

I just found out that competing is my thing and I'm pretty consistent.

His modesty is admirable, but Oscar is doing too well this season for that notion to mean nothing. Jacob has since primarily moved to skiingin the backcountry, filming all season for his Unfiltered series. Oscar is also interested in filming.

"I really want to film some more in the future, that would be so much fun," he says. "I have never really filmed with a big production or anything like that, so that's always been my dream. Filming big kickers and sick BC jumps. Hopefully I will get a part in a movie… Or do my own project, like my brother does."

Freeskier Oscar Wester practicing at the Jon Olsson Invitational, Sweden.
JOI training © Kyle Meyr

Aside from that, Oscar is very happy on the path he is on and is aiming for bigger, and more renowned competitions next season – comps like Dew Tour and X Games. But in order to stay relevant, it's becoming more and more necessary to push the limits.

I don't really like pushing the sport too hard.

"I don’t really like pushing the sport too hard, adding one more 180, or one more flip all the time. You can always progress in other ways. We will see what happens, but I am always surprised by new tricks each year."

Whatever next year has in store, we're positive Oscar will be at the forefront. Keep an eye on this young gun – he is the future of freeskiing!

Check out Oscar's first place performance at the Jon Olsson Invitational!

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