Red Bull Steeplechase

Exmoor National Park
© Richie Hopson / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Steeplechase returned for its fourth year. For the first time the gruelling 23-mile knockout race was held along the stunning coastline of the Exmoor National Park

Detailed event information, including the race-day map, training map, knockout stages, and FAQs can be found below. You can also get a taste of the race in the video above.

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The race format of Red Bull Steeplechase is a unique knock out format. Competitors are split into two categories, male and female. All runners in each category are set off together making it a head to head race against the rest of the field where race position is important not time.

There are four steeples to reach, and at each of the first three the slowest section of the competitor field will be eliminated. Only 40 runners will reach the final steeple in Lynmouth.

This makes this race a unique format and will challenge runners both physically and mentally as they have to pace themselves not only to cover the distance and challenging terrain but to ensure they stay in a race position that prevents them from being eliminated.

Download the course maps here

Red Bull Steeplechase is split into two running categories;
male and female. There are 500 places in the race and at
each of the three knockouts only a select few will get through
to the next stage so position is key. There are more men than
women taking part in the competition so knockout stages will
work as follows:

Knockout 1 – The first 220 male and 90 female runners will
make it through to the next stage.

Knockout 2 – The first 100 male and 50 female runners will make it through to
the next stage.

Knockout 3 - Only 20 runners from each category will make
it through to the final stage of the race.

The Race is continuous; if you make it through a checkpoint you continue straight on, you do not wait for everyone to complete a section. You will be able to clearly see your position at each knockout and if you don’t get through to the next stage you will be transported back to the start in Lynmouth.

Download course maps here.

Please read the ticketing terms and conditions here.