Red Bull White Cliffs 2015: The Results

Which of the world's best climbers scaled a 115m cliff-face the quickest?
By Red Bull UK

UK-born climber Tim Emmett and Italy's Angelika Rainer have been crowned Red Bull White Cliffs 2015 champions.

This weekend (October 3 and 4), 16 of the world's best ice and rock climbers competed at Scratchell's Bay, Isle of Wight, to scale its 115m (380ft) over-hanging chalk cliff in the quickest-possible time.

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In the men's event, Canada-based athlete Emmett speed-climbed the route in 16 minutes and 48.7 seconds, a nail-biting 3.2 seconds quicker than France's Jeff Mercier, who finished second. Last year's winner Aleksei Tomilov finished a further eight seconds behind in third place.

"It's such a brilliant opportunity to climb with some of the best climbers in the world," said Emmett, adding that he was glad to win for the UK.

Rainier finished a staggering two-and-a-half minutes ahead of her nearest rival, Korea's HanNaRai Song.

"It is such a great feeling," she told "It is probably the most amazing competition I have ever been involved in, at such an incredible location. The climb was unforgettable and to be able to climb in such a unique place was really a joy."

White Cliffs 2015: The Results

1st) Tim Emmett (UK) – 16:48:71
2nd) Jeff Mercier (FRA) – 16:51:90
3rd) Aleksei Tomilov (RUS) – 16:59:80

1st) Angelika Rainer (ITA) – 21:33:75
2nd) HanNaRai Song (KOR) – 24:05:69
3rd) Sarah Hueniken (CAN) – 29:36:43

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