Red Bull Hardline 2015

Dinas Mawddwy, Wales

Hailed as one of the toughest downhill mountain biking races in the world, the second edition of Red Bull Hardline in association with Jeep, returned to the hills of Mid-Wales last September. 

Dan Atherton, the brainchild behind the event managed to create a course that proved to be bigger and more technical than anything ever seen before. 

With just eight of the world's best riders brave enough to tackle the course, there could be only one winner. Despite tough competition, Ruaridh Cunningham proved to be the best on the day taking the top spot on the podium. 

Check out the highlights from the weekend by clicking on the 'Play Video' button above. If you fancy watching the whole event then check out the Hardline TV show on Red Bull TV. You can also find out more about Hardline 2015 in the following articles...

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POV: Ruaridh Cunningham's epic crash at Hardline 2015

POV: Ruaridh Cunningham's winning run at Hardline 2015

Hardline 2015 Qualifying Results

1 Gee Atherton 1:33:.242
2 Joe Smith 1:37.055
3 Bernard Kerr 1:38.501
4 Ruaridh Cunningham 1:41.172
5 Reece Wilson 1:44.374
6 Craig Evans 1:44.454
7 Adam Brayton 1:50.469
8 Alex Bond 1:58.876

Hardline 2015 Race Results

1 Ruaridh Cunningham 3:53.785
2 Joe Smith 3:57.402
3 Bernard Kerr 4:01.035
4 Adam Drayton 4:11.028
5 Reece Wilson 4:15.335
6 Craig Evans 4:20.701
7 Alex Bond 7:47.398
8 Gee Atherton 10:47.941