Red Bull 50/50 2012: The Results Are In!

Red Bull 50/50 combines snowboarding or skiing with downhill MTB: the extreme sports biathlon.
Winners pose on the podium at Red Bull 50/50 in Aviemore, United Kingdom in 2012.
A sweet victory for the winners of the 2012 50/50 © Stephen Hughes
By Red Bull UK

It was a busy day with over 100 competitors from across the UK travelling to Scotland to take part in the event including Red Bull rider Kye Forte. The qualifiers kicked off at 10 am, which saw competitors set two timed runs on both the snow and dirt sections of the course, which were then combined, to give them their start time for the main race.

Competitors start at the Red Bull 50/50 in Aviemore, United Kingdom in 2012.
Competitors set themselves up for a gnarly race © Rob Salmon

The main event commenced with a series of 15, 5-man heats from the top of the mountain range, leading to a 5km mixed terrain which separated the riders from the finish line. Racing across snow and dirt in one day made for a tough competition and pushed the competitors to their limits.

A competitor skis down the scottish hills at the Red Bull 50/50 in Aviemore, Scotland in 2012
A competitor tackles the unforgiving scottish snow © Rutger Pauw

Riders faced many challenges with obstacles in the form of moguls, berms and kickers but the main speed trap seemed to be the transition phase from skis/snowboard to mountain bike.

A competitor changes into his mountain bike gear from snowboarding the first leg of the Red Bull 50/50 in Aviemore, Scotland in 2012.
Racing against the clock in Aviemore © Rutger Pauw

Still some managed to get their bindings off in super quick time and first to the finish line was local boy Oliver Carter who completed the course in an impressive time of 12 minutes 9 seconds to become the first winner of Red Bull 50/50.

Red Bull 50/50 has been wicked. It’s been awesome to mountain bike at the CairnGorms. It was pretty tight racing in our heat, so fast down the boarder cross track - speed tucking and running out of gears, it was amazing. I hope to be back next year to retain the winner’s title!

A competitor rides down the Aviemore hills at the Red Bull 50/50 in Aviemore, United Kingdom in 2012
A competitor bolts down the scottish hills © Rutger Pauw

Second place was snapped up by Liam Moynihan of Dudes of Hazzard fame, with a speedy time of 12 minutes 41 seconds and following in third place was Frazer McNeil with his time of 12 minutes 52 seconds.

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