The worst eSports shirts ever

From the uninspiring to the weird, these are the worst shirts ever worn by eSports teams.
By Joshua Nino De Guzman

Football fans are used to seeing their star players take to the pitch in hideous shirts. Who could forget Hull City's tiger print kit, Norwich's scrambled egg shirt or even Arsenal's away top that looked like a 1970s carpet? If you're more into gaming, you'll know that it's not just professional footballers who are forced to wear weird shirts. Here are the worst and the weirdest eSports shirts ever.

Lightning Pandas (2014)

A picture of Lightning Pandas worst eSports shirt
Lightning Pandas © Decerto

This falls under the weird category. Despite featuring a manga panda surrounded by what looks like a toddler's painting, the eccentric design has been popular with fans.

Prophecy (2012)

A picture of Prophecy's worst eSports shirt
Prophecy © Decerto

Bogey green shirts bizarrely helped to develop one of the most prominent brands in Call of Duty. At least the shirts complimented the team's headsets...

Curse (2013)

A picture of Curse's worst eSports shirt
Curse © Decerto

Boring. Curse have one of the better logos in eSports but it's plonked on an uninspiring plain black t-shirt. This was worn by their Call of Duty team at EGL9.

Apex (2012)

A picture of Apex's worst eSports shirt
Apex © Decerto

Another dull design. The over-elaborate logo is placed in the corner of a plain white jersey. It's notable only for the leading Call of Duty teams that wore it before the organisation's collapse.

XGN (2013)

A picture of XGN's worst eSports shirt
XGN © Codesports TV

There are no words...

We'll be back soon with some of the best eSports shirts.

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