Ouya is here: The 10 must play games

The console that could change gaming forever is ready: are you?
The new Ouya games console.
Ouya Games Console © Red Bull UK
By Ben Sillis

Ouya, the Android-powered indie console that stormed Kickstarter is finally here. The very first batches are on their way to backers who funded the project on the crowdsourcing website, with a much wider retail launch coming in June. Launch games can make or break a console, but luckily, this upstart little box has plenty, with over 100 titles available already. Thinking of picking one up in place of a PS4 or a Nintendo Wii U? Here are the ten best you need to play.

Beast Boxing Turbo

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Inspired by the classic Punch-Out boxing games on the NES and Super Nintendo, Beast Boxing Turbo plants you in the world of Beasthalla in a brutal 3D first-person boxing title, where you play as the human Char. Can you Balboa your way up the ranks of the Beast Boxing League?

Fist of Awesome

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Fist of Awesome is a retro-inspired, side scrolling beat-em-up that stars a time-travelling lumberjack (Why? Because) and is plugged as the only game that lets you punch a full grown grizzly bear in the face. Definitely one to check out - and with Ouya’s try before you buy option, you can at no charge.

Final Fantasy III

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Square Enix is bringing its RPG juggernaut series to the Kickstarter console with this release, which Ouya is touting as a TV exclusive. Yes, this remake of the old classic is already available on Nintendo DS and iPad, but you’ve never seen this game in HD on a big screen before - there’s also a free demo to try before you buy.


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Gunslugs takes the tried and tested run-and-gun gameplay formula from games like Metal Slug and dresses it up in a quirky, stylish 8-bit aesthetic that suits the high-octane action perfectly.


© Red Bull UK

Run for your life! Atmospheric “endless runner” Canabalt started life as a Flash game a few years back, but found success on the iPhone with commuters thanks to its simple controls (one button - jump!), atmospheric music, and addictive gameplay. The Ouya version falls right in line with the Android version, sporting better graphics and 3D backgrounds all cranked up to HD, so you can kick back on your couch and play with the Ouya controller.


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Tribute Games’ Wizorb brings top-down RPG antics to your telly with a twist: there’s Breakout-style old-school bat and ball gameplay thrown in too. Battle your way through the brick stages, take on the bosses and save the kingdom.


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Stalagflight is an indie game made in just 72 hours - but you’d never guess it. You take the role of a scientist who has to jump his way up from rock to rock to safety as a volcano erupts in this charming little physics-based platformer.


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The gorgeous looking 3D puzzler sees you guide a puddle of fluid through various levels to its destination by tilting the scene - and not moving the liquid itself.

The Pinball Arcade

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Itching for a fix of pinball action? The Ouya’s got you covered with this critically acclaimed simulator, The Pinball Arcade, which boasts more than 20 real pinball tables licensed from the pinball legends of old.


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At a glance, Evac looks like Pac-Man - you’ve got to guide a blob around a 2D grid collecting the pieces and dodging the enemies. But this Tron-style puzzler is much more thoughtful - working your way through the neon mazes and dodging security forces requires plenty of planning, not just a quick trigger finger.

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