Shenmue 3 won’t be the end of the Shenmue story

Yu Suzuki tells Red Bull that he’ll still be making games in five years time.
By Tom East

The Shenmue saga won’t come to a conclusion with Shenmue 3, Yu Suzuki has told Red Bull. In an exclusive interview, the legendary game designer told fans not to expect a neat ending to the Shenmue series with the forthcoming PS4 game.

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A screenshot of Shenmue 3
Ryo returns to Shenmue after more than a decade © Ys Net

“I'm afraid that the story will not be concluded with Shenmue 3," Suzuki told us. "After thinking it through, we decided that forcing a conclusion in Shenmue 3 would only make the story feel rushed, and compromise the game as a whole.”

Shenmue 2 was released on Dreamcast in September 2001, and with the sequel scheduled for 2017, 
fans will be hoping that they won't have to wait as long for another game in the series. 

While Suzuki stopped short of confirming that he plans to make another Shenmue game, he offered fans hope. “In five years’ time, I think I will [still] be making games," he added. "As for Ryo? I am anxious to hear where the fans think he will end up."

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