Countdown to the RB10

We celebrate some of Red Bull Racing's most memorable F1 moments ahead of the RB10 reveal.
Infiniti Red Bull Racing
Infiniti Red Bull Racing © Vladimir Rys/Getty Images
By Paul Keith

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Red Bull Racing Star Wars pit stop F1
Monaco 2005 - A New Hope © Getty Images

A New Hope

In 2005 a party-loving team takes Formula One by storm as Red Bull Racing reveal they’re a force to be reckoned with. For the Monaco Grand Prix, the paddock newcomers’ special guests are Darth Vader, C3PO, Chewbacca and Star Wars creator George Lucas. 

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Red Bull Racing Superman jump Christian Horner
Monaco 2006 - Making a splash © Getty Images for Red Bull Racing

Making a splash

Monaco again, but one year on. In 2006 the Red Bull Energy Station, the team’s paddock home, is moored in Monte Carlo harbour and extended to include a swimming pool. Seeing the pool, team boss Christian Horner promises that if the team scores a podium in the Principality, he’ll swim naked in the pool. It’s too good a chance for David Coulthard to pass up and the Monaco specialist delivers third place – over to you, Christian… 

Red Bull Racing Red Bulletin
The Red Bulletin © Red Bull Media House

The Red Bulletin

As Formula One’s playful team, Red Bull Racing livens up life in the paddock with a satirical magazine aimed at bringing back the team spirit enjoyed in the heyday of F1’s privateers. With its combination of first class illustrations, photography, editorial and some of the most sophisticated fart jokes committed to print, it gains a cult following among the drivers, around the paddock and with F1 fans. Perhaps the ultimate accolade is when McLaren boss Ron Dennis bans his team from reading it. 

Red Bull Racing David Coulthard 2007 Wings for Life livery
Wings for Life livery © Getty Images for Red Bull Racing

Wings for Life

With hundreds of millions of fans tuning in to watch Formula One, companies pay a fortune for a few square inches of logo space on a Formula One car. But in 2007 and in 2012, Red Bull Racing turned their cars into a high speed platform to raise awareness and money for the Wings for Life charity which is searching for a cure for spinal cord injuries. In return for a donation to the charity, hundreds of fans could place a portrait on Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber’s cars as they raced around Silverstone at the British Grand Prix.

Red Bull Racing 1-2 Chinese Grand Prix Mark Webber Sebastian Vettel
Breakthrough © Getty Images for Red Bull Racing

Breakthrough 1-2

A moment of triumph for Red Bull Racing as Sebastian Vettel scores the team’s first victory with a win at the 2009 Chinese Grand Prix. To underline the achievement and the strength of the team, Mark Webber finishes second to make is a debut one-two. It’s a sign of things to come in Formula One.


Red Bull Racing Sebastian Vettel 2010 World Champions
World Champions © Getty Images for Red Bull Racing

World champions

A landmark in the history of Formula One as Red Bull Racing claimed their first world championship by sealing the Constructor’s title at the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2010. One race later, in the desert heat of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel won the Driver’s World Championship, beating his team-mate Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso, and becoming the youngest world champion in the sport’s history. The day-night race proved a spectacular end to the season and a new dawn in Formula One.

Red Bull Racing Show Car on the beach
Red Bull Show Car - Making a show © Getty Images for Red Bull Racing

Making a show

Red Bull Racing has always pushed the boundaries of Formula One, reaching out to fans around the world and taking Formula One cars to new limits. That means taking the cars out of their comfort zone of smooth asphalt. In this photo, the Red Bull Racing Show car cruises the Caribbean beaches of the Dominican Republic. The car has been driven to the top of the world in the Himalayas, over a frozen lake in Montreal, into the wilds of Texas, along the New Jersey shore in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, to the top of the Burj Al-Arabi in Dubai and around the streets of London.

Red Bull Racing Gangnam style Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber
Gangnam style © Getty Images for Red Bull Racing

Gangnam style

Red Bull Racing is always quick to embrace new trends. In addition to catching up with K-Pop star and YouTube sensation Psy at the Korean Grand Prix, the team’s guest list has included Tom Cruise, Quentin Tarantino, Kylie Minogue, Superman, Geri Halliwell, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Darth Vader, Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, Gerard Butler, Casey Stoner, Kasabian, Kevin Pietersen, Hugh Grant and Sam Worthington.

Red Bull Racing Sebastian Vettel 2013 World Champion
Creating a legend © Getty Images for Red Bull Racing

Creating a legend

Having dominated the 2013 F1 season, won the world title and wowed fans trackside in India and watching around the world with a tyre-shredding series of donuts, Sebastian Vettel genuflects in front of his car to thank the fans, the team and the astonishing RB9 – the latest in a series of blisteringly quick cars that have helped the greatest driver of his generation to capture four world titles in a row.

Red Bull Racing Mario Kart Sebastian Vettel
The RB10 © Getty Images for Red Bull Racing

Meet the brand new Red Bull Racing RB10!

...just kidding! While the design for Sebastian Vettel’s Super Mario-themed kart for the 2013 Red Bull Soapbox Race was almost certainly not signed off by Adrian Newey, it at least gave the world champion a chance to try out some different machinery in front of his home fans in Herten, Germany. Oddly, despite managing to engineer a car that won 13 races last season, the boys from Red Bull Racing couldn’t engineer a Mario moustache that would stay glued to Seb’s upper lip for more than 10 seconds…

The wait is over… the Red Bull Racing RB10 has been launched at 0840CET on Tuesday 28th January at the Jerez circuit in Spain.

More Info on the new 2014 F1 car here


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