I Am Benga: Episode 1

Episode one of this six part series. Benga takes us back to his roots in Croydon where it all began.
By Red Bull UK

Watch episode one of I Am Benga featuring dubstep producer and international superstar DJ Benga Adejumo. The six-part documentary series follows Benga from his beginnings at the legendary Big Apple Records in Croydon to becoming an unstoppable force on the global DJ producer circuit.

With a major label record due for release early next year, I Am Benga offers a retrospective look at his 2012 successes including his debut live show at KOKO, arriving at Snowbombing Festival by helicopter and his inauguration at Radio 1 with musical partner Skream.

Known for his warm and infectious personality, Benga is joined on screen by his nearest and dearest to celebrate his accomplishments and shine a light on those who've helped along the way. Look out for cameos from Mrs Adejumo, Benga’s brother, Skream, Hatcha, Artwork and more.

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