Don Broco interview: What do You Wanna Know?

On the release of new EP, You Wanna Know, the UK rockers’ Twitter followers have some questions.
Don Broco
Don Broco © Tom Barnes -
By Glen Ferris

In the few short years since they’ve been playing together, Don Broco have released an acclaimed album, toured their butts off, amassed an army of devoted fans, got some serious radio airplay and firmly established themselves as the bright young things of the UK alt-rock scene.

As they release their brand-new EP, You Wanna Know, on October 13, we sat down with frontman Rob Damiani and drummer Matt Donnelly and presented them with the questions their Twitter followers really wanna know the answers to…


@_asdflo: Aside from the EP, will you guys be releasing an album next year? [Debut album] Priorities was ace!
Matt: “We definitely will be releasing an album next year. We’re actually writing at [bassist] Tom’s flat at the moment. We’re really excited about getting creative again. The plan is to head into the studio as early as possible next year.”

@GUYTONFO: What’s your best advice for an unsigned band?
Rob: “When we started we didn’t have a clue what we doing and so tried to do everything. With hindsight, I would say that you should just focus on writing the best songs that you can. At first, we probably toured for about a year off the back of four and a half songs. To save yourself a lot of time, focus on writing first and then make a name for yourself as a live band with good songs.”

@_LivedALie_: What's your favourite album to listen to?
Matt: “That changes all the time and we all have our favourites. At the moment, though, we’re all loving Opposites by Biffy Clyro. The fact that it’s a double album and it takes you on so many different journeys, we can never get bored of it.”

@LiamsTwittor_0k: If there was one celeb you could date. Who would it be?
Rob: “I can’t actually remember her name but Brody’s wife in Homeland [actress Morena Baccarin]. She’s basically a fit Teri Hatcher, who was definitely my crush back in the days of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman.”

@cav4lier_y0uth: Give me some advice on how to get over an ex - mum has stopped us being together.
Matt: “I guess if he wants to get over it, he has to stop all contact. But to be fair, there will be an element of unfinished business so it’s more a question of getting around the mum problem. Try to get to bottom of why you’re banned from seeing her and find a solution, otherwise just sneak around the mum.”

Don Broco
Don Broco © Tom Barnes -

@NrpkAdam: Is there a high-quality version of the song Wat'cha Gonna Do anywhere?
Matt: “That’s one of the first songs we ever wrote. We did re-record it at one stage but we never finished it. We’re obviously against music piracy but if you buy You Wanna Know and show your support for the band we give you our blessing to rip it off YouTube if you can.”

@liam_fennessy: Why are you called Don Broco?
Rob: “The long, boring story in a nutshell is that one of the original names floating about was Don Loco. Then [guitarist] Simon broke his wrist playing football and I made the terrible joke that we should change the name to Don Broco. We had nothing else going for us so it stuck.”

@samjpitcher: Do you lads want dinner at mine before the Exeter gig? #chicken #periperi
Matt: “Ooh, I’m assuming it’s home-made not Nando’s? If he can bring it foil-wrapped to the venue we’ll take him up on that offer.”

More from Don Broco at Red Bull Studios London right here.

Buy You Wanna Know here.

Don Broco are on tour with support from Bad Rabbits from Friday, November 29.

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