Check Out A Cool Short Film About Julio Bashmore

Chicken shops, Chow Chow dogs, and his granddad - Julio Bashmore's debut album has it all.
By Louis Pattison

Julio Bashmore spent 2014 as artist in residence at Red Bull Studios, beavering away in the basement on his uplifting, infectious debut album Knockin Boots. While Julio was with us, we got an insight into the weird and wonderful things that make him tick – from his Chow Chow dog, Gryff, to his penchant for panama hats. With the director Daniel Brereton on board, we made a short film celebrating the release of the album and Julio's eclectic influences – watch it exclusively here, and scroll on down for a full interview with Daniel.

Continuing the celebrations, Red Bull Studios is also pleased to be hosting:

  • An immersive exhibition in the space where the album was created for fans to get inside his brain, hear the album before release and pick up exclusive Bashmore inspired goodies - more details here
  • An exclusive launch party at London Fields Brewery on Friday 31 July – click for more details

Director Daniel Brereton talks the making of Knockin Boots

Hi Daniel. Knockin Boots is not your typical album promo film. How did the idea for it come together? Any inspirations, beyond Julio himself, that you worked into it?
It came about as I wanted to try something different – and not being afraid to be funny. I like finding out about where musicians are from and how they started making music, and so we went back to Bristol to see where Julio grew up, meeting some fun people along the way. The video was a two-day shoot, with one day in Bristol and one in London.

Bristol feels like one of the main characters in the film - you get a really nice sense of the city, and what goes on there. Did you enjoy exploring the city?
It was a pretty manic day, but we were very fortunate to get beautiful weather, and shooting on film looks great in the sunshine. I got good feelings about the city – it was full of friendly people and people who were up for being filmed. I think that Mariano in the Pie Shop is great, and Gryff, Julio's dog, is a star. It's always fun to put people in front of the camera who aren't used to it.

 Julio has a subtle presence in the film, yet it still manages to say a lot about his character. What was he like to work with on the project?

Julio was really great. I think he could see what I was trying to do. Some people would probably not let you in their house and interview their Granddad. He may have thought we were taking the piss with some things. But it was more a celebration of these people, as they are important to the music.

 What's your favourite track off of Knockin Boots, and why?

I really like the disconess of Holding On. And it was great to hear Bixby sing Let Me Be Your Weakness in person, not to mention the London African Gospel Choir doing their own version.

You can visit Daniel online at or follow him on Twitter at @dhpee

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