Exclusive: listen to Brodinski's fashion show mix

The latest Catwalk Studio link-up teams the French DJ up with menswear designer Astrid Andersen
Astrid Anderson and Brodinski in Red Bull Studios
Astrid Anderson x Brodinski © Steve Stills
By Red Bull UK

The latest Catwalk Studio collaboration is here. On January 9, Danish menswear designer Astrid Andersen unveils her brand new 2016 Bespoke Collection at LC:M. This time, her musical collaborator is Brodinski, French DJ/producer and the man behind the ultra-cool Bromance label, who has created a unique mix for the show. 

"Brodi is so inspirational to me and I'm so lucky to work with people like him," says Astrid. "Just watching him turning our conversation of references into this mix was so crazy – like one of those things when someone has the answer before you ask the question!"

Listen to the mix and check the tracklisting below, then read on to find more information on Astrid's new line.

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I think Astrid is one of the most interesting designers of today. She's got the tunnel vision for what is going to happen in the future, and it was really easy to turn her ideas into music. We have an affinity, and a musical taste in common – from Janet Jackson to Sister City and Suicideyear – which is the most important thing on these projects. I'm really happy we had the opportunity to put this together. 



1. Bricc Baby Feat. Kanobby - Figure Me Out (Prod. By Sam Tiba & Kanobby)
2. Sister City - Blood Mind
3. Brodinski Feat. Peewee Longway - Cheddah (VIP)
4. Kohh - パリ(Sam Tiba Remix)
5. With You. - Snaps
6. Richelle - Circular Motion 2015
7. Shy Glizzy - Woah (Prod. By Brodinski)
8. Tommy Kruise - Ramen
9. Brodinski - Can't Help Myself Remix Feat. Bloody Jay
10. Maelstrom - Arteries
11. Jeff Chery - Power (Prod. by Sam Tiba)
12. Gener8ion - The New International Sound
13. Kamixlo - Paleta
14. Bricc Baby - Choppa Music (Prod. By Richelle & Cosmic Revenge)
15. 8tm - Airport

Astrid on the catwalk

Here's info on Astrid's new menswear line:

For Astrid Andersen, this season is all about intuition. Going beyond the status quo of referencing the world around us and looking for inspiration, Andersen has looked within to create an honest and authentic expression of her personal vision. Rather than trying to satisfy a theme or add depth to a story, each piece is as strong alone as it is as part of the whole. Beginning with her continuing passion for fabric research and development, Andersen created a textile toolkit for living in and not living without, and raised a collection piece-by-piece, organically and emotively. This season is a demonstration in how a man can present himself attractively today.

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