Steve Fisher's Northern Exposure

Kayaking icon Steve Fisher heads for the rapid streams in Northern Minnesota for some 3D filming.
By Team

Professional kayaker Steve Fisher, along with local kayakers Andy McMurray and John McConville, makes several assents on the snow run-off of the rivers in Northern Minnesota.

The shoot also took place close to the Lake Superior region, with the action taking place in and around the Cascade River and Black River. Although at times the rugged landscape was as unforgiving as the rough river currents, Steve Fisher and his team were more than happy to take on the challenge. 

For a preview of Steve's adventures, check out the Red Bull Northern Exposure teaser above.

Steve Fisher riding the artful waves of Ironwood, USA during Red Bull Northern Exposure on 25th April 2011
Steve Fisher riding the waves at Ironwood, USA © Lucas Gilman/Red Bull Content Pool
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