VIDEO: Urban Wingsuit Flying Above Rio De Janeiro

Watch Jokke Sommer dodge between two skyscrapers in a high-speed proximity flight.
By Chris Stanton

Jokke Sommer's been at it again! The star of Dream Lines IV was recently in Rio de Janeiro, where he and fellow wingsuit flyer Ludovic Woerth managed to achieve something that appeared almost impossible.

The YouTube clip begins with Sommer and Woerth high above the clouds but very soon they ditch the microlight trikes to swoop down onto the party city.

The mission is to complete a proximity flight through a  narrow gap between two skyscrapers.

"It was more for me to do it just for the fun of it, because I always wanted to do an urban wingsuit flight," said Sommer after it was mission accomplished.

Joakim Sommer
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