Video: First Wingsuit Flight Over The Nazca Lines

Stunning POV clip from the first athletes to fly over the Nazca Lines.
By Tim Sturtridge

Wearing only their wingsuits, Cedric Dumont and Jhonathan Florez jumped from a plane before flying over the immensity of the Nazca desert for more than two minutes, reaching speeds of 190 kilometres per hour. The daring duo experienced a privileged view of the famous geoglyphs in the area, recognized worldwide by UNESCO as World Heritage.

"Flying over these giant figures was a unique experience.” Commented experienced B.A.S.E jumper Cedric Dumont, “I've always been fascinated by the stories and legends about the Nazca Lines. This is the first time someone flies over the lines wearing only a wingsuit, and I think this could be the continuation of the flying man legends that exist about the Nazca culture.”

Many legends exist about the peoples of Nazca and their capability to fly. Some anthropologists and historians find it impossible to believe that they drew such perfect and huge geoglyphs for their gods to ask them for rain, without having any aerial view of them. These legends are about balloons made of cotton and coal, giant kites and even men with feathers. The main motivation for Dumont and Florez for this project was based in these theories, although their own ability to fly is an undisputed fact.

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