Fire Up Your IPhone

Never run out of battery in the woods with this handy charger.
Biolite Camp Stove iPhone Charger
By Gavin Stevens

Is this for real? The mighty BioLite CampStove claims it can charge a USB compatible device while cooking your chow. The secret is in BioLite’s thermoelectric technology, which converts heat from the stove into useable electricity. Additionally, the CampStove relies on a renewable fuel source; wood. That’s right, a wood burning stove that can also charge your iPhone. Wood burning stoves have many benefits, but they might not be right for everyone.

A few variables to consider — your boil time will be longer, dry wood may not always be easily available, gathering and prepping fuel can be very time consuming when you’re hungry and cold, and finally all of your cookware will soon be black from the soot.

At 33 ounces (935g) it's also heavier than its gas counterparts. But wait, wood has a few benefits too — fewer butane canisters for landfills, it’s free, and you no longer have to carry heavy fuel in your pack. Then there's also the sheer novelty of cooking your iPhone.
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