Arc'teryx M270 Harness

The perfect lightweight harness for mixed lines.
By Toby Archer

Arcteryx have long been leaders in innovating for the outdoors and their Warp Strength Technology (WST) harnesses are no exceptions. By spreading the lateral fibres of the webbing that form the waist and leg loops, they have produced wide and supportive harnesses without the need for heavy and bulky sewn-on padding.

The Arcteryx harnesses are now all super-light and compact when packed, but still as comfy as more traditional designs to hang in. The M270 is aimed at performance ice and mixed climbers, having plentiful ice clipper slots but only two main gear loops. In recent winters more and more ice climbers have decided that they don’t need adjustable leg loops if they put their harness before their crampons, meaning lightweight sports rigs have been increasingly seen on icefalls.

The M270 has taken this idea and run with it: an ultralight but comfy, fixed-leg, winter-specific harness. At first I thought its limited racking might limit it to pure ice routes and bolt protected mixed, but I’ve managed to fit a good trad rack on the gear loops along with some screws and an ice hook on clippers for icy-mixed lines. A definite case of where less (weight) is more.

Check out the harness by clicking here.

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