Marmot Basic Work Glove

Sometimes the no-frills option is often the best.
Marmot Work Glove
By Toby Archer

Around the world, mountain pros have found that some workman's gloves work better for them than what's on the market. Stories are told in climbers' bars of the mystical gloves of Chamonix binmen, Alaskan trawlermen or Canadian oil workers - cheap, hard-wearing and warm, all the things that outdoor gloves often are not. Marmot have cannily realised this and, with the Basic Work Glove, produced a simple, hard-wearing and very reasonably priced ‘work’ glove for outdoor people.

With a soft pigskin exterior and warm, brushed polyester inner, they are grippy and dextrous enough that only for most fiddly of jobs do you need to take them off. The leather soon molds to the shape your hands and the stitching is top quality, promising a long life of hard use.

Of course they are not waterproof like an expensive membrane glove but, particularly when treated with aqueous Nikwax or similar, will shed wet snow. Ours get used ski touring when the temperature is just a few degrees below freezing; for hiking in to, and gearing up for, ice climbs; and for summer alpine days when a pair of gloves is needed. Perfect for winter and summer work and play.

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