VIDEO: Updates From The Coldest Journey

Blasting winds. Freezing temps. A team of explorers attempts to cross Antarctica.
By Tarquin Cooper

Summer — thoughts of long days, sunshine and happy adventures spring to mind. But not for a team of British explorers who are attempting to make the first winter crossing of Antarctica.

The expedition has already lost its leader to frostbite. That was the redoubtable Sir Ranulph Fiennes, something of a legend in England. (In 2000 he sawed his frostbitten fingertips off after getting frostbite in the Arctic. That didn't stop him from being able to hold an ice axe and climb the North Face of the Eiger, and then Mt Everest on his third attempt, aged 65.)

The Coldest Journey will carry on without him and aims to journey 3,200km across Antarctica over the coming weeks, when there will be no daylight and temperatures can reach as low as minus 90! The video, above, provides a small snapshot of conditions in the blustery, frigid Antarctic.

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